Argonne National Laboratory

Argonne Now - Spring 2017

In the spring 2017 issue, meet the people who work round the clock at Argonne's giant synchrotron, using X-rays to tease out the secrets of everything from volcanic glass to batteries to bacterial machinery—as well as engineers who travel the world to make reactors safer, physicists who collect model ships, and scientists inventing materials for the next technology breakthroughs.

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All-nighters for Science

The giant synchrotron at Argonne never sleeps.

Into Kazakhstan to Convert a Reactor

The world is dotted with research reactors that run on highly enriched uranium. Argonne engineers are traveling the world to convert them one by one.

The Secret Lives of Scientists

Physicist Robert Wiringa has collected more than 2,000 model ships.

Four Fantastic Materials Found at Argonne

From lightning-fast graphene to unbreakable borophene, scientists at Argonne are making some pretty fantastic materials.