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Portable and Scalable MPI Shared File Pointers

TitlePortable and Scalable MPI Shared File Pointers
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsCope, J, Iskra, K, Kimpe, D, Ross, RB
Conference NameEuroMPI'11 Proc. 18th Wuropean MPI Users' Group conference on Recent advances in the Message Passing Interface
Date Published09/2011
Other NumbersANL/MCS-P1917-0711

In this paper, we propose integrating shared fi le support into the I/O forwarding layer commonly found on leadership-class computing systems. I/O forwarding middleware, such as the I/O Forwarding Scalability Layer (IOFSL), bridges the compute and I/O subsystems of leadership-class computing systems. This middleware layer captures all file I/O requests generated by applications executing on compute nodes and forwards them to dedicated I/O nodes. These I/O nodes, a common hardware feature of leadership-class computing systems, execute the I/O requests on behalf of the application. The I/O forwarding layer on these system is best suited to provide and manage shared file pointers because it has access to all application I/O requests and can provide enhanced file I/O capabilities independent of the system and I/O software stack. By embedding this capability into the I/O forwarding layer, applications developers can utilize shared file pointers for a variety of fi le I/O APIs (MPI-IO, POSIX, and ZOIDFS), synchronization levels (collective and independent I/O), and computing systems (IBM Blue Gene and Cray XT systems).